Dutch athlete wins gold at World Athletics Championships: what are the merits?

The World Athletics Championships are currently being held in Budapest. An army of no less than 41 Dutchmen traveled to Hungary to represent our small country. 23-year-old Femke Bol put on an unprecedented race to win a gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles on Thursday night. Her exceptional performance naturally puts her in the spotlight, but exactly how much prize money will she be able to take back to her hometown of Arnhem?

Femke Bol deserved this for her gold medal

Bol couldn’t run out of luck anymore, he completely won the last 400-meter hurdles with a time of 51.70 seconds. She has more than lived up to her role as a favourite. Of course, first place brings an unprecedented level of pride and happiness, but on top of that, Bol’s exceptional performance also comes with a financial bonus.

The Hungarian capital will first award a financial reward of 100,000 euros to anyone who sets a new world record. In addition, the finalists, consisting of 8 participants, will receive a nice amount for each individual part.

A gold medal is worth a total of $70,000, while a silver medal is worth $35,000 and a bronze medal is worth $22,000. The remaining finalists will receive $16,000 (4th place).e place), $11,000 (5th place)e place), $7,000 (6th place)e place), $6,000 (7th place)e place) and $5,000 (8th place)e Location).

In the relay competitions, the prize money is split slightly differently: $80,000 for gold, $40,000 for silver and $20,000 for bronze. The remaining 5 finalists will receive $16,000, $12,000, $8,000, $6,000 and $4,000 respectively.

A total prize pool of US$8.5 million is available for the World Championships in Budapest. However, this does not include the world record bonuses mentioned above.

Merit for the world championship title in cycling

Earlier this month, you may also have seen an article on Crypto Insiders about Dutch cyclist Mathieu van der Poel’s achievements after his glorious World Championship win. Thanks to the stinginess of the International Cycling Union (UCI), winning the world title only brought him 8,000 euros.

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