Home Business Dries Roelvink becomes a crypto legend thanks to Binance memes

Dries Roelvink becomes a crypto legend thanks to Binance memes

Dries Roelvink becomes a crypto legend thanks to Binance memes

Dries Roelvink was recently found on the internet with a meme in which he was reviewing a wine. The Dutch folk singer does this with great bravura to the amusement of many. The day before yesterday he also had his international breakthrough, but not with one of his songs. He has now also appeared in a meme from Crypto exchange Binance. This post now has over a million views.

Dries Roelvink becomes a crypto star thanks to a new meme

He’s been appearing a lot on the internet lately: Dries Roelvink. A video in which he reviews a wine rather “over the top” puts a smile on many people’s faces. Many people are using the video as self-deprecation, dwarfing the $2 they earned from the arduous trading.

Now Roelvink is also represented on the X page (formerly Twitter) of the crypto exchange Binance appeared. And that’s no small thing, because this account has no less than 11.4 million followers. The post with Roelvink is also one of the most viewed in recent times, with more than a million views.

And with that they hit the nail right on point. For many it is quite obvious: they consider themselves a little too rich if they make a few euros in profit on their trades. Then again, everyone starts with small steps, so that makes sense. A few euros are better than nothing and definitely better than being in the red.

The power of crypto memes

Although memes are primarily for entertainment, they have had a huge impact in the crypto world. Dozens of successful cryptocurrencies are based on memes and have created many millionaires. Like for example BangMyro, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, CorgiAI and Dogwifhat, to name a few.

Van Roelvink is not yet a so-called Memecoin made. Although this has often led to legal problems, several celebrities have already created cryptocurrencies without being asked. Joe Biden, Barack Obama, but also Gary Gensler and others can look forward to their own token.

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