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Delta tension spreads to China, Wuhan hits again

Wuhan has problems with Covid-19 again. Hundreds of thousands of residents were confined in China on Monday amid an epidemic rebound, which has caused the Delta strain to spread to the four corners of the country and reach the city of Wuhan, the first affected by the Covid epidemic. 19.

China has virtually eradicated the disease from its soil since spring 2020 and life has largely returned to normal, despite the persistence of some sporadic and hitherto highly localized outbreaks of contamination.

But since the discovery last month in Nanjing (east) of new cases of Covid-19, this approach has spread rapidly. China reported 55 new cases on Monday. Nationwide, at least 300 infections, due to the contagious Delta variant, are linked to this approach.

It is true that this increase in pollution is still very limited compared to the figures recorded in other countries. But this approach is, in terms of geographical extension, the most important in recent months in China: more than a dozen provinces are now affected, in addition to Beijing, the capital, which on Sunday asked its inhabitants not to leave the city ​​except for one compelling reason. New cases have also been reported on the tropical island of Hainan (south), which is very popular with tourists.

Wuhan, the large central metropolis that was the first place in the world to report Covid cases and impose strict containment on its inhabitants in late 2019, reported seven positive cases on Monday.

Wuhan had not reported the so-called local Covid-19 contamination since May 2020. However, the city had already reported cases in people returning from abroad.

In early July, around fifty Chinese passengers repatriated from Afghanistan had tested positive upon arrival in Wuhan.

Despite the vaccination, hundreds of thousands of residents were confined in China on Monday, mostly in Nanjing and a district in northern Beijing. In the center of the country, the city of Zhuzhou, ordered its 1.2 million residents to stay in their homes for three days, the population screening time, according to an official statement.

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