Deaths from an unknown disease in an African country, fear among people

Malabo: Deaths from an unknown disease have started in the African country of Equatorial Guinea, causing panic among people.

According to foreign media reports, a new disease has struck Africa, killing 10 people in Equatorial Guinea due to a fever that causes bleeding.

Reuters According to Health Minister Mitoha Ondo told the media on Friday that more than 200 people have been quarantined in the country, and the movement of people has also been restricted.

He said that it is a disease similar to hemorrhagic fever in which bleeding starts from the nose.

Meanwhile, Cameroon has imposed a total movement ban on its border with Equatorial Guinea, with Cameroon’s health minister saying the disease is spreading rapidly, prompting the movement ban.

According to the Minister of Health Cameron, research has started on the global level in relation to the disease, the disease is being monitored with the support of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American CDC.

Guinea’s health minister said in a statement that the disease was first reported on February 7, with initial tests showing that the dead had attended the funeral of a man. As soon as this was discovered, the Guinean government sent samples from some patients to neighboring Gabon for testing.

About the disease, a Cameroonian medical officer said that symptoms of the disease include nosebleeds, fever and joint pain. Other symptoms include weakness, vomiting blood and diarrhea, experts said. Some patients died within hours of these symptoms appearing.

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