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Daredevil: Born Again: The series will be “very different” from that of Netflix according to one of the actors

If they were ardently demanded by the fans of Marvelthey finally arrived in the mcu. Daredevil (charlie cox) made its comeback in Spider-Man: No Way Home before getting a little more screen time in the mediocre series she hulk And Wilson Fisk (Vincent d’Onofrio) was able to return to the show centered on Hawkeyebefore probably returning for the one centered on Maya Lopez – a.k.a. Echo. Series born again of Daredevil has been announced since San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and worries fans of the demon of Hell’s Kitchen due to the supposed sweetening made in disney which will take place. In this sense, Vincent d’Onofrio had already reported in the past that his Wilson Fisk was much less violent than in the series netflix.

It will not be only these two characters who will return to the series since the Punisher of Jon Bernthal is also formalized to make its big comeback. At the microphone of the magazine Newsweekthe massive comedian embodying king pin gave some details about the new direction the series will take Disney+ :

“The show will be very, very different from Netflix, and that’s very exciting because what we’re doing is something very special. I think that’s something people don’t expect.

But, as always with those old Marvel comics stories that are revisited and reimagined by the cast and writers, the main thing is to live up to fan expectations. You have to give them what they want while trying to be original in some way, and that’s what we do on the show. It’s really an original way of seeing things, and it’s very deep, very moving. »

Daredevil © Netflix

The tone should naturally move away from the raw and graphic violence of the series netflix who, quite often, did not take gloves (We remember the iconic scene where Fisk smashes the head of one of his men with blows from the door). The atmosphere should be, according to some Insider sources, quite close to the series Moon Knightthat is to say, to offer something quite creepy, without overstepping the barrier of propriety imposed by the series Marvel Disney+.

Daredevil: Born Again will include 18 episodesthe longest series on Disney+ since the arrival of mcu on the platform. The series is scheduled for the end of 2024.

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