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Cocaine Bear 2: The director evokes a possible sequel

Cocaine Bear © Brownstone Productions

Cocaine bear (Crazy Bear in BB) was one of the surprise horror hits of 2023 with $89 million in international revenue and unanimously positive reviews, even if we found on Geekland that the feature was a bad B-movie with pretty disastrous CG. The film, inspired by true events, tells the story of a bear who ingests a large amount of cocaine before terrifying and savagely killing a group of individuals in a forest of Georgia. In an interview with the media of RollingStoneactress and director Elizabeth Banks discussed the possibilities of a Cocaine bear 2.

“I mean, I had an amazing time working on the project. I loved how subversive and crazy and silly and funny it was. I enjoyed surprising people with the cast. I don’t think anyone expected Margo Martindale, who is 70, to shoot this kid. We had a great time and if I had the opportunity to surprise the audience and treat myself again, I would take it. »

Product for only $30 million, Cocaine bear was rated R-Rated and featured ultra-violent content. It is therefore a sacred performance the course that the thriller has achieved at the world box office.

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