Home World Church shooting by well-known televangelist: “We put things in God’s hands”

Church shooting by well-known televangelist: “We put things in God’s hands”

Church shooting by well-known televangelist: “We put things in God’s hands”

On Sunday at Lakewood Megatemple in Houston (Texas), led by the well-known Protestant televangelist Joel Osteen, two people were injuredincluding a minor after a woman attacked the location with a gun.

The shooter, a woman between 30 and 35 years old, arrived at the temple around two o’clock in the afternoon with long weapons. accompanied by a child between 4 and 5 years, which was determined your son. The woman began shooting, forcing two off-duty police officers on the scene to return fire until she was killed.

The boy was injured in the exchange of fire and is lying in the air critical conditionin addition to a man from 57 years As he passed the scene, he was shot in the leg.

The woman was wearing one Palestine stickerI had ideas Anti-SemitesShe was carrying a backpack and expressed the possibility that she had planted a bomb before her death. A thorough check later revealed that there was no explosive device in the temple.

Witnesses described the scenes of chaos and confusion that occurred inside the temple as they tried to take refuge from the fire. Some doors were blocked, making it difficult for those present to escape and forcing some to use the toilets.

“Don’t open it to anyone until we come,” they told us. They moved some furniture to lock the doors. On the third and fourth floors There were children, the parents were worried about the children, we left things in God’s hands“said a witness TV Khou.

The shooting occurred shortly before a Spanish church service. Preacher Joel Osteen was grateful that the incident did not occur during the main 11 a.m. service when a larger number of worshipers gathered. “We don’t understand why this happens, but we know that God is in control.”convicted of the tragic Osteen event.

Founded in 1959, Lakewood Temple is led by a preacher Joel Osteen60 years old who broadcasts his services to millions of people.

The attacker: a Hispanic transsexual with anti-Semitic views

The person responsible for the shooting has been identified Genesis Ione Moreno36 years old, born female but who identified herself as… Man and used various male pseudonyms. Immigrant SalvadoranShe had a tough court battle with her ex-husband, sex offender Enrique Carranza, over the divorce and custody of their child.

Anti-Semitic material was discovered among his belongings and police believe that after a week he decided to attack the place Quarrel with her ex-husband’s familywhich is usually the case Bean. His arrest records show that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) filed charges against Moreno in 2010 for entering the country illegally, but the request for federal detention was withdrawn more than a month later.

Furthermore, he had background for assault, battery, forgery, robbery and unlawful carrying of weapons.

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