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Chiquito Team Band receives Gold and Double Multi-Platinum Records for three of its songs

Chiquito Team Band recibe Discos de Oro y Doble Multi-Platino por tres de sus temas

The Chiquito Team Band orchestra received two Gold and Double Multi-Platinum Records certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), for the songs “La llama de mi ex”, “Point and apart” and “I have to hang up”.

The salsa group, which reaches its tenth anniversary in June, receives the feat from the US entity that represents most of the record companies and is responsible for the certification of sales in the United States.

“This surprise is of great satisfaction to the group and to those who have contributed to make this a reality today,” said Rafael Berroa, leader of the orchestra through a video, recalling that in 2019 they received a Platinum Disc for the song. “Away from you”.

"The Sauce Industry"as they are called and which is currently touring the United States with multiple presentations, in mid-May, they will take their salsa to various cities in Mexico, where they have a legion of fans.

The also called "Sound Makers" They are recognized for making important stylized fusions of salsa while maintaining the true essence of the unique sound that makes them enjoy great popularity.

Since its inception they have been multi-awarded at the most important artistic celebration in the country, Sovereign Awards, as well as at Conga Salsa Awards and Q Music Awards.


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