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Check out the brutal new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine

What you need to know:

The film, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, will be released next July

After a preview was finally shown in the last Super Bowl, We have a new trailer Deadpool and Wolverine. And yes, as you can imagine, the Mercenary and the Legendary X-Men are absolutely brutal every second.

The film is too the first to receive an R rating in the Marvel cinematic universeSo it’s quite an event for the company’s franchises. What is it about? Well, here we give a little overview of what is known…

Deadpool and Wolverine trailer
Official logo of the film. Photo: Marvel Studios.

Here is the new trailer for “Deadpool And Wolverine”

In this new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine, We can see Wade Wilson doing his best to recruit Logan, who remains faithful to his custom, is not easy to convince. But which version of the mutant superhero is this?

Then the advance will give us clarity on this matter. This is a more troubled Wolverine than usual because, at least in his universe, ““I made his whole world collapse” a confession that comes from Paradoxan agent of the Temporary Variation Authority (TVA).

Dogpool will also make a cameo appearance in Deadpool and Wolverine. Photo: Marvel Studios.

While there’s no shortage of humor (and it’s pretty good, as always), we also get to see a more desperate Deadpool than usual. “I don’t know anything about saving worlds, but you do.”Wade says to a Logan who clings to the idea that he’s not a real hero.

Things are not looking good for the universe of the mercenary in the red suit, as he himself says You are about to lose everything that is important to you in life.…Then all the friends we saw in the first films show up. I miss him? Vanessa returns, even though she – apparently – died in the second film.

And well, it gets even denser the appearance of Cassandra Nova, the villain on this occasion. Note that the new trailer from Deadpool and Wolverine brings complete references, from Ant Man/Giant Man to Dr. Strange and even Crazy Max.

Movie release date

Another pretty exciting thing about the new trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine is that we finally have a broader view the characters of Matthew Macfayden and Emma Corrin, who play Paradox and Cassandra Nova respectively.

And as a surprise too We see the reappearance of Vanessa, Wade Wilson’s lover. Has the character come back to life? Let’s remember that he apparently died in the second film, so it will be interesting to see how he resurrects this time.

If you don’t have the information, we leave it to you… The film will be released on July 25th, so you can mark it on your calendar.. Excited or what’s going on?

Official movie poster. Photo: Marvel Studios.

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