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Congo fights deforestation and human cost –

an exhibition A recent New York Times article showed that for many rural communities in Congo, the logging industry is often the only way...

The world’s first solar electric vehicle is ready for mass production –

Electric vehicles are gaining ground across the world as efforts are made to reduce the massive carbon footprint of transport. However, electric vehicles...

All about Peanut and Peanut Butter Recipe –

Peanuts, native to the Andes, are not nuts from a botanical point of view. Moderate consumption is recommended..Why are peanuts not nuts? ...
Dyscalculia: Why Can't Some People Do Basic Math?

Dyscalculia: Why Can’t Some People Do Basic Math?

It is often said that mathematics is the most abstract and misunderstood scientific discipline. But what happens when this misunderstanding translates, for example,...

Brazilian cities close to the Amazon could be the birthplace of the next pandemic...

A new study reveals that populations with little vegetation and far from the nerve centers are a focus for the outbreak of transmissible diseases...

This sustainable evaporative air conditioner can cool a home for days and uses no...

Evaporative coolers are nothing new, but their working principle has been taken up again to offer home and office conditioning in a sustainable and...
Brazilian cities close to the Amazon could be the cradle of the next pandemic

Brazilian cities close to the Amazon could be the cradle of the next pandemic

Diseases that are transmitted between different species are the result of intertwined ecological, socioeconomic and demographic...

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