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Carriedo remembers that anyone who doesn’t like harmony is “Bildu and his partners.”

Carriedo recuerda que, a quien no gusta la concordia, es «a Bildu y sus socios»



The Junta de Castilla y León has asked today to look at the articles or justifications of the Concordia Law, registered yesterday by the Popular and Vox groups, which contain rights and obligations to support all victims of political, ideological or social violence less in the explanatory Part.

This was stated by the President’s Adviser, Luis Miguel González Gago, in the press conference after the Governing Council, regarding the criticism of the norm formulated by the opposition groups and the Association for the Restoration of Historical Memory that there is no explicit condemnation and the dictatorship is “glossed over”.

“From the beginning, the groups thought about the need for them to play a leadership role,” he said, while the speaker added that they would have the opportunity to improve the bill. “Hopefully there can be a consensus,” he added, although he believed it “will be difficult if a settlement in the spirit of Bildu is sought.”

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