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Carlos Sainz’s unexpected reaction with some thieves in Milan

Luckily, the Madrid rider emerged unhurt and triumphant from the robbery committed by three attackers near the hotel where he was staying, following the Italian GP where he achieved an important podium finish.

Even the three thieves who attacked Carlos Sainz near his hotel couldn’t spoil the great day he celebrated after finishing third in the race Italian GP. And it’s after the race where the from Madrid He fought until he was on the podium, but a rather disturbing situation happened to him. He was the victim of a robbery near his whereabouts in Milan.

Carlos Sainz was about to arrive at the Armani Hotel when three people approached him to take his belongings. Because the movements were so fast, they could only take a wristwatch, but it cost between 400,000 and 500,000 euros. It must be clarified that the Formula 1 driver was with his manager and cousin Carlos Oñoro and his bodyguard.

Carlos Sainz Thieves
This was the watch that the three thieves owned for a few moments in Milan, a Richard Mille priced between 400,000 and 500,000 euros.

After confronting the thieves, Carlos Sainz did what he does best: step on the gas pedal

After the criminal acts, the three thieves fled, and that’s when the bodyguard got out of the car to pursue one of them. The Madrid runner did the same from his car and the best thing is that they were successful. Two of the three subjects were captured, and the third fell into the hands of collaborating citizens after hearing screams from other passers-by.

The capture took place near Via Montenapoleone, where the Milan police arrived in a short time. Luckily, Carlos Sainz got his watch back but had to file a theft report. After that, the pilot again returned to the Armani hotel where he was staying, but this time he was more careful.

Statement by the Milan police after the robbery of Carlos Sainz

“This afternoon, in the Monte Napoleone district of Milan, the State Police arrested three Moroccan citizens aged 18, 19 and 20 in Milan for plotting to rob Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. At around 8:30 p.m., in front of the Armani Hotel on Via Manzoni, the three approached the driver, who was with the manager, and one of them snatched a Richard Mille Alexander Zverev watch from the Ferrari driver’s left wrist and then fled over Mount Napoleon.

“The Formula 1 driver, who was in the manager’s car, tried to stop the three from escaping, then got out of the car and, with the help of two bystanders, managed to stop a thief on Via Pietro Verri. The second was stopped in Via della Spiga by the Ferrari driver’s officer in charge, and the third was stopped not far away by another employee in cooperation with passers-by. Police officers from the Prevention Directorate General immediately went to the scene, arrested the three robbers and escorted them to the police station to collect the documents.

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