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Bubli’s “Maya” with three heroes, trailer released

for several years oathThe film release spree is underway in Dhaka. As the year progresses, the film’s release will only accelerate oathsurrounded by this time oathThere are several films coming. The “Maya” of the three heroes joined the crowd.

Directed by Jasim Uddin Zakir, Maya will hit theaters on Eid-ul-Fitr.

The ‘Maya’ team announced the release of the film at a press conference held at a restaurant in Dhaka on Sunday evening (March 31). The trailer of the film was also unveiled at the event. In this case Simon Sadiq, Ziaul Roshan, Shabnam Yasmin Bubli, Parithe teaActors of the film including lock Jasim Uddin Zakir and producer Alinur Asik Bhuiyan were present.

carrythe teaLock Jasim Uddin Zakir said: oathI will release the film. Because oathMeanwhile, there are more people in the cinema halls. I am grateful to my team for their hard work. I hope film lovers will watch the film in the cinema hall.

Trailer for the film “Maya” released

Shabnam Yasmin Bubli said that usually there is a film with two heroes and one heroine. But I found three heroes in the film Maya. It is undoubtedly a great thing. Anisur Rahman Milan Bhai, Simon Sadiq and Roshan as co-artists, all three are great. We worked with great pleasure.

I hope the audience will enjoy the film.

Simon Sadiq said there were now very few cinemas left in the country oathMany films are released. I hope film lovers will have a lot of fun watching my film and our film Maya.

Roshan said all the films I have worked on so far are either action films or romantic action films. But this film is all about love.”

Anisur Rahman Milan, Simon Sadiq, Ziaul Roshan and Shabnam Yasmin Bubli starred in the film, as did Kazi Hayat, Barada Mithu, Rebecca Rauf, Chikon Ali, Rasheda Chowdhury, Shampa Nizam, Sohail Rashid, Shibli, Orin and Badal also in different roles. , Farzana Shermin Zoya, Bobby, Jackie Alamgir, Shimant, Eva, Akalima Ankhi etc.

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