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Bryson DeChambeau Stretches US Major Win Streak

Bryson DeChambeau, the golf YouTuber, extends the United States' great streak in the majors

The 124th US Open was one of the most thrilling tournaments in recent years, with suspense until the very end. The outcome was a heartbreaking loss for Rory McIlroy, one of the best players of the last 15 years, who let a victory slip away in the final four holes. Even NBC commentator Brandel Chamblee, who seemed to be a supporter of McIlroy, couldn’t help but comment: “I don’t remember a player of greater quality who has become so small in a big moment in the final stretch like Rory.”

The victory went to Bryson DeChambeau, who was part of a thrilling finish, hitting a perfect shot from the bunker that put him on the path to his second US Open title. He even took a boat with sand from the trap that he picked up with the winner’s cup. DeChambeau, once known for his scientific approach to golf, gained more than 10 kg of muscle until injuries forced him to give up this path, and who threatened to use a 48-inch driver to reach more distance, thus extending the American streak in the majors.

The USA has had six consecutive victories in the majors, with the latest being Bryson DeChambeau’s win at the US Open. This streak is reminiscent of the 1974 to 1977 period, when the USA won 13 consecutive majors. By country, the USA is at 285 wins; Scotland 55; England 36; South Africa 22; Australia 18; Spain 10; and Jersey 9.

My mission is to continue expanding golf, making it grow globally and nationally. YouTube has really helped me achieve some of that.

Bryson DeChambeau (US Open winner)

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this is the second victory of a LIV player in a major, with DeChambeau’s win coming just a year after Brooks Koepka’s victory at the 2023 PGA. DeChambeau has completely changed his media image through his YouTube channel, which now has over 715,000 subscribers. “My mission is to continue to expand golf, grow it globally and nationally. YouTube has really helped me achieve some of that. It’s an incredible platform to show who I really am.”

The Golf Scientist

The golf YouTuber, who is also a physicist, revealed in the press room during the US Open that his scientific background is still relevant: “I put my golf balls in Epsom salt. Basically, we float the balls in a solution to make sure they are not out of balance.” By doing so, DeChambeau checks that the weight of the ball is centered, preventing bad trajectories when hitting.

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