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British police investigate Boris Johnson parties

British police investigate Boris Johnson parties

From London

Boris Johnson said today that he had not broken any laws at the 16 (or maybe already 17, who knows?) parties that career official Sue Gray is investigating, but no one believes him, not even the mirror or his wife Carrie or his closest As much as they don’t open their mouths, you have to keep your job. More serious for the prime minister is that don’t believe the press of all political stripes or the parliament or the british people not to mention his own Conservative MPs who hold his future as party leader and prime minister in their hands.

Now British police announced that they are investigating the PartyGate, something that both aggravates and relieves the prime minister. The publication of the Gray report will be delayed until the police present their conclusions, which, at the same time, may end in a criminal act with Johnson brought to justice and the Party that has governed the United Kingdom since 2010 on the ropes.

Like every week since the scandal began in late November, this one began with two new bombshells. On Monday, one more party was added to PartyGate: Boris Johnson’s birthday party on the top floor of the official government residence at 10 Downing Street, where the prime minister lives with his wife and two children.

The new party is another stain on the tiger that increasingly loses its ability to react with a roar because to the 17 individualized “meetings” at 10 Downing Street in times of pandemic and confinement, we must add more than 100 revealed in the press (“ the informal parties on Fridays”) and those that jump at any moment to measures that speak “on or off the record” plus witnesses or snipers.

The announcement of the police investigation is a double-edged sword because although it delays the Gray report that was to be presented this Wednesday or Thursday, on the other hand it can speed up the letters from the conservatives themselves to Graham Brady, another key figure in this mess . Brady is the head of the powerful 1922 parliamentary group that brings together all the pro-government deputies without government responsibility. In the internal rules of the Conservatives, it is enough for 54 letters from Tory legislators to withdraw confidence in Johnson as party leader for the confirmation or impeachment process to be activated.




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