Home Sports Boca: Ibarra thinks changes to face Instituto de Córdoba

Boca: Ibarra thinks changes to face Instituto de Córdoba

Boca: Ibarra thinks changes to face Instituto de Córdoba

He Boca Juniors technical director, Hugo Ibarra, thinks about introducing changes, with respect to the team that has just lost to Banfieldto play against Instituto de Córdoba next Sunday at La Bombonera, for the eighth date of the Professional League.

Those close to the Boquense coaching staff confirmed that it is very possible that there will be variations in the initial formation and, as was supposed, also in the tactical drawing to return to the 4-4-2 scheme.

Before the match against Banfield last weekend, the coach had confirmed the same eleven that had come from a goalless draw against Defensa y Justicia, when he confirmed the confidence of the players who were not at a good level.

After the poor performance away from El Taladro, The coach thinks that it is time to incorporate, especially in the middle of the field, some players who, when they enter, change the “face” of the team.

Ibarra’s support for the previous formation could have been buried on Sunday night by one of the lowest performances of his cycle: Boca showed an alarming lack of play, as happened in the defeat against Talleres and in the goalless draw with Defensa y Justiciaespecially in the first half.

It is a moment similar to the 2-1 defeat against Talleres a month ago, where again the leadership begins to observe the coach and, as on that occasion, there will be variations. With the difference that if there is now a change of “major surgery” with an important footballer, it will not be transitory.

The idea would be that return from the beginning Ezequiel “Equi” Fernández, possibly by Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, and include another flyer; there would come one of the two extremes: he can play Luca Langoni, at a good time, or Sebastián Villawho is far from his level.

As every time Villa is not well in football, the version of his possible departure or the interest of a club is circulated, in this case Atlético Mineiro. Paraguayan defender Bruno Valdez is also another who worries about his performance.

but above all The drop in performance in the middle of the field is what keeps the coach, his coaching staff and the Football Council led by Juan Román Riquelme awake.

In the first practice of the week at the Ezeiza property, open for the first half hour to the press, those who played over the weekend did regenerative exercises and were in the gym, as usual. Those who did not play or played for a few minutes, did a soccer practice in which “Pol” Fernández and Oscar Romero were present.who only played one time against Banfield.

It was also learned that finally the Colombian defender Frank Fabra will not be summoned by the selection of his country on the FIFA date. Therefore, if it is taken into account by DT, it may be in the match against Olimpo for the 32nd final of the Copa Argentina, to be played on Saturday, March 25 in Resistencia.

“Beto” Márcico benches “Negro”

He Former footballer Alberto Márcico, one of the idols of Boca Juniors who emerged in Ferro Carril Oeste and who left football in 1998 with the Gimnasia La Plata shirt, analyzed in Télam the irregular moment of the team and he did not doubt Ibarra’s ability as a coach.

Bank to death Negro Ibarra and also the Football Council, I think they are qualified. I’m with them of course“warned the 62-year-old “Beto” who won the 1992 Apertura in Boca, the 1992 Master Cup and the 1993 Gold Cup.

Boca’s main problem currently is that it has five or six very important players at a low level, far from what they had last year and that makes the team’s performance suffer.that he cannot be superior to his rivals and it is difficult for him to win the games”, analyzed Márcico, an exclusive figure of the Apertura ’92 champion who put an end to a historical drought of 11 years without titles.

The truth is that the title of champion of the Argentine Super Cup on March 2, after beating Patronato 3-0 in Santiago del Estero, was hardly an oasis to stop the criticism of Ibarra, although for Márcico the DT is not responsible of the situation.

I think some changes will have to be made, but I insist: bench to death for ‘Negro’ Ibarra. The issue is that Boca depends on their individualities and needs those players in the performance that we know them to arrive with everything to play the Libertadores”, he analyzed.

The team found a great goalkeeper (Sergio Romero), that is very important; and I think that Boca can become very powerful when players like ‘Pol’ Fernández, Varela, the Colombians Fabra and Villa, and also Benedetto recover their level.“, concluded “Beto”, who shone in French football with the Toulouse shirt between 1985 and 1992, when he decided to return to the country to fulfill his dream of playing for Boca.

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