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BigBuy continues its growth in the international market by integrating Adyen’s payment technology

BigBuy continues its growth in the international market by integrating Adyen's payment technology

Adyen, a global financial technology platform selected by the world’s leading companies, and BigBuy, a leading European e-commerce technology company specializing in accelerating sales through digital channels, have joined hands on a project to simplify and optimize of international customer contact. BigBuy payment gateways. Adyen has provided international users with the technology they need to find localized and specialized payment gateways on BigBuy, driving international sales.

BigBuy, which recently announced very remarkable growth over the past year, particularly in Europe, will rely on this technology to further advance its business areas and expansion strategy. In this new phase of growth, BigBuy will offer payment methods adapted to each market and a seamless shopping experience; Thanks to Adyen, the experience is improved and the satisfaction of its international customers is maintained at all times in the payment process. The implementation of Adyen’s technology will, among other things, favor purchases through local payment methods in each region in which the company operates, as well as optimizing conversion with credit and debit cards.

In the words of Carlos García, Chief Business Officer of BigBuy: “We hope that this collaboration with Adyen will help us further develop and improve our international customers’ experience on our platform. 90% of BigBuy Group’s sales come from global customers, so we focus on offering technologies that accompany these markets. “Adyen will help us offer local and international payment methods adapted to the expectations of our European customers, continuing our firm commitment to growth in markets outside of Spain.”

In addition, due to frequent cooperation with SMEs and customers with a high average ticket price, BigBuy needed suitable payment methods for B2B customers, based on bank transfers such as Multibanco in Portugal and iDeal in the Netherlands, as well as with installment payment methods such as Klarna, Oney or Alma. Having multiple payment options increases the complexity of fraud management and increases the frequency of chargebacks (also called chargebacks, the cancellation of a payment after a customer disputes a charge on their statement). That’s why Adyen’s fintech platform has been designed and refined to most effectively detect potential fraudsters early (rejecting these transactions before they are completed), manage chargebacks more efficiently, and increase the success rate of payment disputes.

In turn, by working with Adyen, BigBuy was able to gain more information about its customers and their purchasing habits in order to provide them with the best experience.

Juan José Llorente, Country Manager of Adyen in Spain and Portugal, recognize: “In order to continue its rapid sales growth both in Spain and internationally, BigBuy shared with us the need to evolve towards a more digital, agile and ultimately more adaptable management of payment methods and systems. We are very proud to support them with Adyen’s technology and advice, which have been fundamental for the company to continue its commitment to international markets and activate relevant local payment methods that support its 2024 business strategy and thus conversion , increase sales and customer satisfaction.”

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