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Beth Gibbons, Camera Obscura and more

What you need to know:

We’re starting in April and here’s the musical refresher you need. Here are the music releases of the week.

The weekly update of your playlists is here. And yes, we have a lot of material worth listening to again The albums and songs of the week.

New songs, album announcements and album releases… Pure music that shouldn’t be missed.

Albums and songs of the week
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Here are the albums and songs of the week

And before we get into the details, listen to this week’s music selection here. There they tell us what their favorite release was, their new favorite song or the album that blew them away.

Beth Gibbons brings us a preview of her new album with her new song “Reaching Out”

A new song that we can classify as experimental in the truest sense of the word. With “Reaching Out” Beth Gibbons gives us an atmospheric piece to prepare for the arrival of Your hard drive Outgrown liveswhich will be released on May 17th.

Wait a minute, an album full of emotions is coming, because, as the Brit mentions in the official statement, The album is heavily inspired by how she perceives certain changes in her life, from the hardest goodbyes to the changes in her body.. It will be one of those recording materials that evokes a deep resonance.

Bu Cuarón presents us with his first EP

Bu Cuarón’s debut as a singer took place on the soundtrack of Rome…but we were able to determine that his official entry into the music industry first came with the song “Viceversa”. And now, finally joining the world scene, comes his EP Come over if you drop dead.

The production is characterized by a balanced compilation of many musical influences. Bu himself has proven to be a total fan of James Blake, and that influence can be felt in this material.. But it also complements everything with some hints of R&B, hip-hop, indie pop and some folk arrangements through instruments like the ukulele.

So we’re excited to see what happens when he decides to fully commit to a full-length album. And if necessary Choose a theme for the song of the week, that would be “Come For Me.”

Girl in Red returns with a great album to soothe broken hearts

Marie Ulven Ringheim, better known as Girl in RedHe surprised us in 2021 with a wonderful debut album. And now he once again confirms why his project is one of the most visited in 2020 so far.

with the disk I’ll do it again, baby, The Norwegian composer emerges triumphant and renewed from disappointment in love. The album is understood as the part after a breakup where we have finally overcome the pain and although there are scars, we are ready to move on through reflection.

Check out the album review here.

Thursday is back!

One of post-hardcore lovers’ favorites returns with former Texas Is The Reason member Norman Brannon. It took Thursday 13 years to release new music…

“Application for exemption from the dream” It’s a song characterized by the atmosphere of a post-rock ballad, which turns into the wildest post-hardore towards the end of the song – which is of course what you would expect from Thursday. Let’s see if a new album appears in one of them.

Could Porches come out with a new album?

…We don’t really know, but it’s worth dreaming. Meanwhile, New Yorker Aaron Maine’s project brings us a pretty entertaining track that suddenly feels like hip-hop, mixed with indie-folk vibes and then distorted in the coolest way possible.

Listen to “Rag.” here and now, waiting for the announcement of an album for the future.

Camera Obscura continues to preview their new album

We’re nowhere near Camera Obscura bringing us their new album. Look east, look west. And if you haven’t got it on your radar yet, write it down: the album arrives on May 3rd to end a 10-year absence.

The song “Liberty Print” is based on an indie pop line that sounds sweet, but the song focuses on the nostalgia of absence and missing a loved one. In a statement, it is revealed that this song was inspired by the singer’s late brother. Tracyanne Campbell.

Girl Ultra releases song ahead of Coachella

We’ve been watching Girl Ultra evolve sonically for a few years now. Perhaps many remember her for her R&B-like proposal, but she also complemented everything by approaching dance elements in a spectacular combination.

The example is in the song “Rímel”, which is released the exact week in which the Mexican performs at Coachella (Here is the list of Mexicans who will have a show at the festival).

Andru invites us to enjoy the simplicity of life with his new song “Al Parque”.

And here at Records and Songs of the Week, we also open the door to new artists looking for greatness. One of them is Andruwho has made a career as a producer and guitarist for artists such as Bratty, Vanessa Zamora and Girl Ultra, among others.

In 2023 he released a very cool EP called “I would do it all again” and is now preparing to continue his solo career with eThis new song called “To the Park” This tells us how to learn to enjoy the simple things in life with the right people. Great song.

Dominic Wright debuts “I’ll Be Alright”

There comes a time when Many relationships end, and often it’s mostly because the perception of that person changes.; that we don’t feel loved as we are. But we still have to learn that we will be okay.

That’s the origin of this song called “I’ll Be Alright”, the debut single from singer-songwriter Dominic Wright. “Making people feel safe is a big part of my music, he says in the release of his song… And with that he makes us wait for his next song. May it be a career full of great things.

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