Home Sports Baskonia loses fourth place against Joventut

Baskonia loses fourth place against Joventut

Baskonia loses fourth place against Joventut

Baskonia started the match with very fast and effective attacks that were combined with defensive intensity. (9-2). After a timeout by Carles Duran, Joventut cut the difference and put each Baskonia attack in trouble. Despite this equality, the azulgrana found a way to penetrate the Catalan defense in mid-distance shots. Led by Tomic and Feliz, Joventut turned the game around with a lead on the scoreboard (16-21).

The fluidity of the team from Vitoria disappeared at the beginning of the second quarter. And it is that Baskonia’s game was based on individual attacks that came to no end (20-27). However, the Baskonia claw appeared in the worst offensive moments so that Joventut did not take more advantage in the Buesa Arena marker. Beyond the lack of success, the holes in defense were huge in the azulgrana area (37-47).

based on triples, Baskonia tried to come back after the break. But Joventut responded to each of the positive actions of the Vitorians in attack. Fontecchio and Giedraitis were the Barça leaders in the third quarter with very individualistic plays (53-58). Nevertheless, the reaction of Spahija’s men was not enough to turn the game around with only ten minutes left to secure a good place in the playoffs (55-63).

Tomic was Baskonia’s big headache because he scored possession after possession. In addition, Joventut’s three-point shot forced Spahija to stop the game when the difference went over ten points (61-73). An 8-2 run after this timeout put Baskonia squarely in the match. Nonetheless, Baskonia’s attempts did not serve to take the victory against the Catalans who finished fourth in the regular season (81-89).

The team from Vitoria was fighting to be fourth in the classification of the regular phase because it came from a good dynamic. But a game that ended up crossing him caused that now his rival is Valencia and, in case of going to the semifinals, he will go against the Real Madrid crossing. Seeing how the season has gone by, you have to take a bite out of your teeth. Many COVID cases, long-term injuries and lack of players until Wetzell was signed. Since January, the club was without five born after having transferred Nnoko to Burgos.



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