Home Sports Barcelona transfers: No more will be paid for Coutinho

Barcelona transfers: No more will be paid for Coutinho

Barcelona transfers: No more will be paid for Coutinho

The FC Barcelona has many problems with Philippe Coutinho, the one that worries the most is undoubtedly the low performance that he has been showing since his arrival at the club, but another is undoubtedly the economic issue given that the variables that he agreed Josep Maria Bartomeu with the Liverpool In their day they are weighing heavily on the club’s coffers. But it seems that in this last aspect the culé team has a lot to say since it seems that they are going to avoid paying one of the clauses that the English put on.

According to account Sports world, the happy clause of the 100 official matches is not real and the Blaugrana team will not have to pay 20 million euros to Liverpool next week if Coutinho ends up playing against Rayo Vallecano. They reveal that what has been talked about this time were only rumors and nowhere is it written that this variable existed. In any case, if this clause were included in his contract, it would be necessary to read it carefully since it would explain that Coutinho would have to play more than 45 minutes each game for it to count, and being a substitute, he does not get to play more than 45 minutes per game in many games therefore would not count.

Everything is very confusing around this clause

We all understood that yes Philippe Coutinho played 100 official games with the Barça shirt, FC Barcelona had to pay 20 million euros more to Liverpool but no, it seems that this clause does not finally exist and it will be a payment that the Barça team will avoid, something that is great since they do not They are at their best, neither economic nor sporty. This supposes a ‘mini respite’ for the directive culé and Coutinho will be able to play in Vallecas with all normality.


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