Atlético 1×1: Savic signs the umpteenth shot at the foot of the course

Oblak: He no longer performs the miracles of yesteryear with such assiduity and Rodrygo’s shot with the toe surprised the Slovenian. Before he had not had excessive work, except for a good hand to Benzema that Vinicius did not manage to clinch on the rebound. There was nothing he could do about Benzema’s goal, which he finished off alone and Vinicius easily beat him. Difficulties with the foot, Oblak is not going through his best season.

Nahuel Molina: He continues to sing and has already added three games in a row giving the pass of a goal. On this occasion, with the uncheck at the right moment and placing a measured ball first for Morata to push it. In the first half, Atlético found a gold mine with Molina behind Vinicius to focus his attacks on the right flank, constantly reaching a center position, offering to stretch the team and always giving Hermoso and the midfield an outlet . It cost him more in the second half, with the team very withdrawn and Camavinga ahead, but even so he was one of the best rojiblancos players.

Savic: Returning to the team after completing his league sanction, the presence of the Montenegrin should be essential to have solvency at the rear. But he does not leave one and enter another, sanctions and injuries are his great handicap. And he was having a great game, but he saw two yellow cards in two minutes in extra time and left the team with one less for more than 20 minutes. The second very very innocent, he would think that the criteria would be the same as with Ceballos. His mission was to get out of the way so that Benzema wouldn’t receive a free kick between the lines, but he also had to be very attentive to Molina’s back with Vinicius’ incursions always looking for that diagonal.

Handsome: His latest performances make him worthy of staying in the eleven despite the return of Savic and Giménez to the team. If he is safe at the back and forceful on the cut, he gives an extra plus with his ability to get the ball played and his good long movement next to Nahuel Molina, which he always received alone. The entire defense, including Hermoso, lacked forcefulness in Rodrygo’s goal that condemned the team to extra time. A meeting that will serve to settle and gain confidence despite the final defeat.

Reinildo: Atlético’s attacks are concentrated on the right profile, where Molina has complete freedom to go up with Reinildo closing on the other flank. An insurance, as soon as it started, he left a providential cut when Vinicius had stood alone before Oblak. The passage of the game took its toll on him physically, without arriving with exuberance and suffering in the Madrid inmates for his band, but he always gives his all and there is little to demand of him. Various actions of great area defender.

Koke: When the captain plays comfortably, Atlético notices it a lot. His pass to Molina in Morata’s goal is worth carats. In the first half he had space to play and move the team, and there he makes it easy combining with De Paul and looking to put Griezmann in all the plays. In defense, when the rival presses that pivot function, it requires a lot of physical sacrifice and he lost steam as the minutes passed. He was substituted after 73 minutes after a great start and a more discreet second half.

Shield/Team Flag

From Paul: It was a propitious day to be able to vindicate himself before his fans. He started forming ahead of Koke, going down to receive and coming into play a lot. He sought to get closer to the right wing, where the mattress attacks were brewing, also attentive to covering Molina. Comfortable in the game distribution, he left at half-time with a warning after a tactical foul near Madrid’s area, but he knew how to control himself well. In the second half the team had a hard time making the cut and he was substituted in the 82nd minute.

Lemar: Thrown to the left wing, with the mission of collaborating in defensive work with Reinildo and falling to the middle when it comes to starting and generating football. He goes too unnoticed in games, so much so that it is difficult to analyze him individually, because neither for better nor for worse, he is the protagonist. He substituted after 73 minutes in a discreet performance. He requested the second yellow for Ceballos after receiving a kick in the front, Soto Grado only pointed out the infraction.

Belt: As the minutes passed, he was positioned very open on the right wing to help Molina. He is very intelligent in his movements between the winger, the center-back and the interior, creating spaces for Griezmann and for his compatriot who came from behind on the wing. If it was not concrete with the ball, his appearances damaged the rival defense. The last thing he did was leave a great wall with Griezmann, who could be planted hand in hand, but he lacked his peak speed.

Griezmann: When he participates in the game, he always improves the action for Atlético. That is why he suffered so much in that period at the start of the second half when his teammates could hardly find him. Good in the distribution and combination between lines. What he has experienced is a regression facing the goal since his departure, without being able to finish a play where the field was long and he ended up cutting Militao and avoiding the one-on-one. Another one also failed with everything in favor, although it seemed to be offside. He must have been exhausted, because Simeone left him out for extra time.

Morata: He wanted to be able to take it out on his former team. He is a striker with streaks and, when he is fine, he sees the big goal. Great unmarking to push Nahuel Molina’s perfect cross into the net and score in his first derby. Three games in a row with a goal. Then he worked well on his back, he tried to stretch the team and run, but he had a very difficult time with Militao’s strength and speed. He despaired with the referee before leaving substituted after a blow after the hour of the game. The usual with Soto Grado. The team did not improve without him.

The changes could not improve the team

witsell: He entered the pivot and the first one he had was about to score as a Chilean. He did not manage to cut off Rodrygo’s internship that ended in the equalizing goal. The expulsion of Savic took him to the center of the rear. Due to speed, he is a footballer who already has a hard time reaching the court.

Memphis: He left shortly before the tie to try to lower some long ball and give the team an oxygen that they had lost without Morata. Militao was a nightmare for Atlético’s striker, although he did leave in some good detail to find Carrasco moving intelligently between the lines. She gives the feeling of being able to contribute things if she is given space and partners to combine.

Carrasco: He entered for Lemar near the left lane, but Griezmann’s departure led him to play extra time up front. He enjoyed a couple of finishing chances, but couldn’t find the goal or test his compatriot Courtois. He is not fine and has been very cold for a few months.

Kondogbia: His physique was very important to give Atleti legs, especially the 20 minutes with one less, trying to stretch the team based on driving in the race.

Saul: He always shows pride, although he is no longer a determining player, who finds it difficult to damage the rival.

Pablo Barrios: The youth squad player came on for Griezmann to play extra time, positioning himself in the right profile. Savic’s red card forced him to play very withdrawn. Perhaps these types of games with such a strong leg and such a defensive level still cost him physically. Very tender in the third goal. He has personality to ask for and show himself, it will serve to harden him.

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