Home Sports Athletic finds the perfect opportunity to sign the aforementioned Ander Herrera

Athletic finds the perfect opportunity to sign the aforementioned Ander Herrera

The midfielder has been very marked after the debacle of the Parisian team in the cup

Last week, PSG was eliminated by Nice from the Coupe de France and Ander Herrera was one of those mentioned. He wants to take advantage of this situation now the athletecthat He has been chasing the return of Ander Herrera for several seasons. And now he is closer than ever to signing him.

The PSG will have to sell to several footballers next summer and, except for surprise, Ander Herrera will be one of them. His contract expires in 2024 and his market value is plummeting. That is why the Parisian club wants to take the opportunity to get the most out of his departure.

Ander HerreraAthletic
Pellegrini requests the signing of Ander Herrera

Ander Herrera, again followed by Athletic

How could it be otherwise, Athletic will be the main interested in his signing. A signing that has the approval of Marcelino, who would be delighted to have a player of his experience and level. Even more so taking into account the growth of the team, which is once again showing a high level.

Athletic wants Ander Herrera together with Moncayola

One of Athletic Club’s managerial obsessions is the Osasuna midfielder Jon Moncayola. At 23 years old, he is one of those players with talent, dynamics and physical strength that encourages managers to throw themselves into everything for his services. However, stuck in an economic dispute today it seems that a third party intends to put up a fight.

We are talking about Atlético de Madrid, which has reconfirmed its needs based on what they currently have. And it is not for less, because in addition and among other things the style of the midfielder is a style very faithful to the idea of ​​’Cholo’ Diego Pablo Simeone. In ways that make the subject interesting, and open up to possibilities that rub the hands of those from Pamplona.

CA Osasuna tightens the fence on Moncayola’s replacement

Despite the fact that he has renewed for a long term, Athletic and his rival believe that they can remove Moncayola this summer

The situation from the managerial point of view has tightened a bit. And it is that what seemed to be simple, right now it is a complete complexity. Osasuna has made sure to get a good slice of the talented player he has in his ranks by having signed him for 10 years with a termination clause of 22 million.

So that whoever wants it, or those who want it, must go through the cash register and pay what would be for them the most important sale in their history in terms of numbers. A good measure to protect themselves from the dense atmosphere generated by the fact of being one of the teams with the lowest budget in all of LaLiga.

Marcelino and Elizegi are still very aware of every movement in this regard

In any case, the topic has not been closed. They know in advance that this procedure has been simply to adjust the value, but not to scare away the stalking of interested parties. Athletic Club has been following in their footsteps for a long time, and they intend to be the ones to adjust it at this moment when the season ends.

Here the project itself will play a lot in favor, and the persuasive capacity used by each sports management. At the moment no one can dare to give an advantage, but it is very clear that at least the present is very favorable for the lions. The case is still open and awaiting a close response.

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