Home Business “At GLS Spain we attach great importance to customer satisfaction with every...

“At GLS Spain we attach great importance to customer satisfaction with every delivery.”

“At GLS Spain we attach great importance to customer satisfaction with every delivery.”

In the competitive world of e-commerce, a Customer experience Being exceptional is the key to standing out from the crowd. For Beself Brands, a conglomerate of brands specializing in home and lifestyle brands, this premise has been fundamental to the company’s development. And in their desire to offer their customers the best, at GLS Spain a strategic ally to improve its logistics.

With iconic brands like FITFIU, Beeloom, Mc Haus and Greencut, Beself Brands has achieved more than just that consolidate on the national market, but also expand successful at European level.

Yuri Robert, transportation manager at Beself Brandsunderlines the importance of this collaboration: “For us, ensuring an exceptional customer experience goes beyond product quality.” On-time and reliable delivery is a crucial part of this experience, and in GLS Spain we have found a partner who shares our commitment to excellence.”.

Tailor-made logistics

With a volume of almost 200,000 packages shipped last year alone and a variety of products ranging from fitness equipment to home furniture, Beself Brands’ logistics management represents a significant challenge. In this sense, the flexibility and that great coverage from GLS Spain have made a significant contribution to meeting this diversity of products and shipping requirements.

“The versatility of GLS Spain allows us to efficiently manage both light and heavy loads and adapt to the variability of our products.”Explain Yuri Robert. «In addition, working with them has facilitated the implementation of tailored solutions for each product type, ensuring effective and safe distribution.”.


But the collaboration between Beself Brands and GLS Spain It goes beyond pure logistics. “We value long-term relationships based on mutual trust and ongoing commitment.”, he comments. «By sharing knowledge and experience with GLS Spain, we not only improve our logistics operations, but also lay the foundation for sustainable growth and exceptional delivery of our specialized home and lifestyle products.«.

Support from GLS Spain has also spoken out in favor of it extension of Beself Brands at the European level, a market that represents about 40% of its turnover, which allows it to reach all countries efficiently and at extremely competitive prices.

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