Home Sports Asier advances to the semifinals and the men’s 4×400, to the final

Asier advances to the semifinals and the men’s 4×400, to the final

Asier avanza a semifinales y el 4x400 masculino, a la final

Asier Martínez had been running well for two years. He goes out on the track and everything flows. He is a fine stylist of hurdle speed, a raw talent for gliding over obstacles without even touching them. In Belgrade, the zero start of a rival took him out of concentration and he suffered. Fourth in his series (with 7.67), but qualified for the semifinals as the fastest time. Always kind and willing, he asked not to speak to the press until the afternoon, but on Teledeporte he did say that he had not run well.

Nor did things go as expected for his friend-rival Enrique Llopis. 7.76, sixth in his series and eliminated. 12th three hundredths of the sixth time that gave ticket to the penultimate round. “On Sunday I sprained myself and I couldn’t give 100%. I have no strength in my foot, I have a lot of pain and I have decided to run to enjoy a World Cup. Now to continue, to recover in the open air”, explained the 21-year-old athlete, the same as Zizur Mayor.


The other qualifying heats on the morning of the last day of the World Cup in Belgrade were the heats to get into the men’s and women’s relay finals. In men, the quartet formed by Bruno Hortelano, Iñaki Canal, Manuel Guijarro and Bernat Erta. Bruno made a sensational first post (46.87) to deliver first and with an advantage to Canal, who kept the lead. Guijarro traced his performance and left the responsibility to Erta with a five-meter advantage over the Czech … who he pressed and gave the pass to the final by positions, only the winner passed directly with 3:06.98. Best time of all teams.

In the girls, Sara Gallego, Geena Davis, Carmen Avilés and Laura Bueno. Two went through the semifinal series, but despite the tremendous effort of the four athletes they could not escape from the last place in a powerful series won by the United States followed by the Netherlands. The Spanish relay time was 3:35.01.

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