Asia Cup 2022: Who will be the third team in the India-Pakistan group, know when they will enter

Asia Cup 2022 IND vs PAK – India TV Hindi News
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Asian Cup 2022 IND vs PAK


  • A total of six teams are participating in the Asian Cup at the moment.
  • The names of the five teams in the final, the name of the sixth team will be known on August 28.
  • There will be another team entry in the India and Pakistan group

Asian Cup 2022: Preparations are underway for the 2022 Asian Cup, with only a few days left before it kicks off. Meanwhile, the 2022 Asia Cup schedule has also been revealed. This time six teams are participating in the Asia Cup. The six teams are divided into two groups of three each. India and Pakistan are in Group A, while Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are in Group B. But the question is, who will be the third team from the group of India and Pakistan. Also, when will the name of the third team be final? The answer to this question is not yet among the cricket fans.

The first match will be played between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan

In fact, the first match of the Asian Cup will be played on August 27, when the teams of Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will face each other. These teams are in Group A. The first match of Group B will be played between India and Pakistan on August 28. On this day it will be decided who will be the third team in Group A. In fact, there is a competition between the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuwait to become the third team. The qualifying matches between these four teams will be played from August 20 to 28. The team that will be in the lead will enter the group and this team will play matches with India and Pakistan. That is, for the third team, you will have to wait until the night of August 28.

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This will be the format of the 2022 Asian Cup

Speaking of the format of the Asian Cup, as we have already told you that this time there are six teams and two groups of three teams have been made. All teams will compete against all the teams in their group. That is, each team will have to play two games in the league phase. After this, the top two teams from both groups will enter Super 4. That is, out of six teams, two from the Asian Cup will finish and four teams will advance from here. Now each team here will play a match against the other team. That is, a team will have to play a total of three games. After this, the two teams that lead on points basis will enter the final.

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