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Arturo Vidal changes transfer plan for Betis and Real Madrid

The Chilean with his departure from Inter is going through the choice of the engineer who is looking for a player to shore up his core area

The last weeks have been very decisive in relation to the margin of departures in some and other clubs on the continent. But undoubtedly all those who have greater weight stand out, as is the case of the Inter de Milan, which has announced the non-continuity of Arturo vidal, player who crosses the path of the Betis by including a Real Madrid player.

Well, in order to unravel this riddle, it must first be said that the ideas are built on the basis of the incorporation of Dani ceballos, who is the footballer they have chosen from Italy to join the ranks of the team that guides Simone Inzaghi. This midfielder was being linked with the Verdiblancos, for multiple details and now appears on the agenda of this world giant.

success Ancelotti
Dani Ceballos does not enter into Ancelotti’s plans, and Betis reactivates his signing for this winter market.

The departure of Arturo Vidal is handled with great care above all by the values ​​and the weight of the player.

It is not a situation that was expected in Andalusia, far from it. They trusted that Ceballos was going to opt for Betis and now things seem very complicated. In reality, and although this issue has not yet been addressed, Vidal has multiple exit alternatives but is being handled with caution, since he charges a pasture and there are few who can reach that level.

However, it is still worrisome and more so for the ‘engineer’ who knows that this piece is going to be of great relevance as options continue to fall for William Carvalho and Guido Rodríguez, both monitored by clubs in England. Thus, we must continue to house internal management, an issue that, as expected, still has a lot to cut.

Betis forced to have to look the other way

It will be very difficult for Real Madrid to change its mind. And although at the beginning the idea was to give him to Betis, now the offer from Inter, which puts more money on the table, is much more attractive. As is known, Ceballos is a player indicated by Ancelotti and the Italian bosses want a player of that style.

They will soon lose Brozovic and the need throws them to find a midfielder much more touch, maneuvering close to the shoe and cutting passes. Not so much a court player, but rather a two-area thinker. His coach’s system starts from a 3 in that area and as he looks, everything wants to be linked to that fact. We are seeing it.

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