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Artemispay reaches 1 million transactions per day

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On December 23, 2023, Artemispay has reached a historic milestone. The comprehensive payment management platform in physical stores Necomplus Yesexceeded 1 million transactions managed in a dayunder the project Banco Sabadell Smart POS.

This initial success was possible thanks to the robustness of Artemispay’s cutting-edge technology, an in-house development that guarantees efficiency in every transaction, as well as a wide range of value-added applications that enable a unique customer experience at the time of payment.

A market leading solution

Technology is the basis of this payment solution, which since its development has enjoyed the trust of customers in the retail, transport, pharmaceutical, technology or banking sectors, such as Banco Sabadell. ORBy actively listening to market and payment players, the tool was able to develop furtherwhich has established itself as a leading solution on the market.

“There are several initiatives in which Necomplus has participated as a technology partner of Banco Sabadell. This collaboration has resulted in innovative and groundbreaking projects that have become benchmarks for the payments industry.” commented Juan Vicente Cantó, CEO of Necomplus.

The Artemispay payment solution easily passed the preventive stress tests to ensure the robustness of the solution in the face of the massive penetration of Android devices on the network or simply due to the peak transactions of the most important sales campaigns of the year.

“Artemispay is the result of combining cutting-edge technology with teamwork between the main players in the payments industry and Necomplus as a technology partner,” he commented. Lorenzo Campos, CEO of Necomplus.

In 2024, Necomplus will complete a new version of Artemispay, an evolution of the solution that will make integration into any business software even easier and benefit users through the diverse range of value-added apps.

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