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Arrasate about the participation in Europe: “I think that in the end they will prove us right”

Arrasate about the participation in Europe:

Jagoba Arrasate has been positive regarding the participation in European competition and in this sense he has indicated that he believes that “in the end they will give the reason” to the club to be able to play the Conference after the refusal of UEFA for the rigging of the 2013-season. 14. The rojillo coach said he felt “anger and frustration” at seeing how they have earned the right “to play in this competition”, with the players on the “field” and the fans “in the stands”.

“We do not understand it, but at the same time we are fighting. We have that illusion. The club is working and everyone has their role. Hopefully, each one with his work, we can play in Europe, which is what we deserve, ”he said after the first preseason training session. “We wanted to get together and I am happy to see the kids, who have come in handy. Renewed illusions”, began as soon as the session ended.

Regarding Catena and Arnaiz, the only two signings to date, Arrasate has indicated that they are “excited”, adding that there is still “one to come”, something that Braulio Vázquez, the team’s sports director, will have to take care of. Asked about the situation with UEFA, Arrasate stated that he “is aware that the club is working day and night for it. We are focused on green, on improving. We start a super competitive league, we have a month left and our job is to focus on this, knowing that the club is moving so that justice is done”.

“We have a fairly established and balanced team. It is not easy to find players who make us better. Arnaiz and Catena make us better and that is the idea, with the two or three that come ”, he has opined about the new additions. As Arrasate has recounted, the players who come to Osasuna see the Navarrese team as a “showcase, a very appealing club in terms of sports: seventh place, a Cup final, 25,000 fans in Seville, the players see that”. Faced with the question of whether they will be able to play in Europe, the man from Berriatua has commented that it entails an affectation, in terms of the budget and at a sporting level.

He has thanked his fans for all the love received during these days: “They make you feel that they are with us in this fight and everything we have experienced has been true. He has brought us together. We have had a spectacular year and we deserve to play in Europe. The people are with us.” Facing the current course, Arrasate hopes to see a team that is close to the version seen last year “with things to improve” and with additions that “can give us that extra that we did not have. We want to relive those emotions.”

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