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Ariana Grande Urges Fans To Get Vaccinated “To Save 1 Life Or 2”

Ariana Grande Urges Fans To Get Vaccinated

Ariana Grande invited her 256 million Instagram followers to get vaccinated through a long tirade.

Ariana Grande is convinced that the end of the pandemic in the United States will necessarily require vaccination. This is the reason why the pop star took to Instagram this Sunday, August 1, to encourage his 256 million followers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 , and this while the Delta variant is needed. like a real scourge all over the world. She therefore posted a photo in which she appears masked, accompanying it with a long caption in which she notably declares: “This delta variant is very new and since the data is changing all the time, I will provide you with some links so that you can keep up to date yourself, but so far, we know that it spreads much easier than the previous variants. Most of the spread is among unvaccinated people and in areas with low vaccination rates! ”. As a reminder, anyone over the age of 12 can now be vaccinated in the United States.

For Ariana Grande, the vaccine saves lives

Recently announced as the headliner of a new Fortnite concert series, the 28-year-old singer continued her argument by recalling “ that a vaccine helps protect against serious illness, hospitalization and death. ” In addition, she shared a link to the Johns-Hopkins University website, in order to allow her followers to be more informed about this topic. “ Oh, and if you’ve ever been sick from COVID-19, you should still get the vaccine… To save 1 life or 2… Who knows”, She also recalled. Since the start of the pandemic, 610,000 coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded in the United States to date, while 164 million Americans have for their part been fully vaccinated.

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