Home Tech Apple iPhone 14 already dazzles in new clones that will surprise you

Apple iPhone 14 already dazzles in new clones that will surprise you

Apple iPhone 14 already dazzles in new clones that will surprise you

September is Apple month. Very soon we will know a new generation of iOS smartphones, the Apple iPhone 14 whose main production is still in China. Therefore, it is not surprising that we see not only the first functional clones of the product, but also several Fools based on the actual product.

This content serves to satisfy the initial curiosity of Apple enthusiasts, and can reveal some of the most significant changes, or more discreet, of the new smartphone. In fact, in this piece we have the list of the various functional and non-functional teams that are already inspired by the Cupertino giant’s next phone.

Will this be the final look of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max?

iPhone 14 Pro Max in hands good night pic.twitter.com/PWXKat333Q

— fix Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) August 5, 2022

Apparently, smartphones in the Apple iPhone 14 Pro range will have an even bigger bulge on the back. This will stem from the need to accommodate larger sensors so that more light is captured in each photo and video. At the same time, these sensors should go from 12 MP to 48 MP according to information leaks.

Above we have one of the first hands on of the possible iPhone 14 Pro Max, with differences in this same rear module. The various images show the changes in this department that should translate into significant improvements in results.

iPhone 13 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max compared#apple #iphone #iphone14 #iphone14promax pic.twitter.com/jedfr5IWpv

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) August 5, 2022

We will thus have new iPhones with a greater relief in this part of the camera, in addition to a notch with a different shape. This is, in fact, one of the most advanced theses due to the litany of rumors and information leaks about the iPhone 14.

The front of the iPhone 14 will be marked by the new notch format

The clones of the iPhone 14 Pro are already hitting the market in China before the #Apple event – loads of images of these units all over Chinese social media. It seems like a lot of commenters aren’t impressed, but it does make you wonder how many people actually buy these things. pic.twitter.com/UKKKy405Vi

— Hartley Charlton (@HartleyCharlton) August 31, 2022

As the post progresses MacRumors, when it is produced in China, the risk of information leakage is greater in that same market. In view of the above, it is only natural that we will now see these iPhone 14 clones already in circulation in China.

Below we have one of the most convincing videos about the product in question. By putting together the modifications suggested, or verified on the production line, we have a serious idea of ​​what the next iOS phone could be.

Above we also have the original video which gave us a good insight into what the iPhone 14 could be. Keep in mind though that this is an Android smartphone, custom built to mimic the Cupertino tech product.

Finally, Apple will present the new iPhone on September 7 at its traditional fall event.

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