Home World Another 15 dead from “fever” in North Korea after declaring covid outbreak

Another 15 dead from “fever” in North Korea after declaring covid outbreak

Otros 15 muertos por "fiebre" en Corea del Norte tras declarar brote de covid

North Korea reported this Sunday 15 more deaths from "fever"three days after the country recently announced its first outbreak of covid-19, the official KCNA agency said.

According to KCNA42 people have died to date, 820,620 cases of fever have been registered, and at least 324,550 people are receiving medical treatment.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Unsaid on Saturday that the epidemic caused "big turbulence" in the country.

KCNA reported that "all provinces, cities and towns in the country had been completely confined and the units of work, production and residence had been isolated from each other".

Despite having activated "your maximum emergency quarantine system" To stop the expansion of the outbreak among its unvaccinated population, North Korea registers a high number of daily infections.

On Thursday, the isolated communist regime said it had detected infection with the omicron subvariant BA.2 of the virus in several patients with fever and ordered a nationwide lockdown.

Those were the first officially confirmed cases by Pyongyangwhich had self-imposed a blockade with the outside world at the beginning of 2020 that sank the economy and trade.

North Korea has a weak health system, with no Covid vaccines, antiviral drugs or massive testing capacity, experts say.

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