In San Sebastian football there is a ‘Super Real’ dream this season. An illusion that every time beats with more force. A moment for which 20 warriors, commanded by Natalia Arroyo, are fighting every day: the debut of the Real Sociedad feminine in the Champions League. A fact that, if achieved, would leave another milestone in a team that already surprised in 2019 by crowning itself as champion in the Queen’s Cup. And the truth is that the txuri-urdin team is on the right track to achieve it.

In fact, in the last 10 years there is no precedent in the First Division that did not achieve the European classification with the score that Real Sociedad currently has: 40 points in 17 days, with three points on hold after the RFEF sanction for not wearing the competition patch. The San Sebastian club trusts that those three points will be returned between now and the end of the season, although for the moment, without them, Arroyo’s are second, nine points behind Atlético (3rd).


A position you are no longer in by chance. La Real has surprised everyone with great regularity and a very balanced game, for which they maintain a current streak of nine straight games without losing (eight wins and one draw). These figures make the European dream closer and closer. For now, the txuri-urdin team is proving intractable in recent months and is already rising as one of the great sensations of the season.