An e-sports competition pushes the PS5 to the limit and its USB ports melt

Thanks to AMD’s 7nm APU chipset based on Zen 2 architecture, the PlayStation 5 does not tend to get too hot or loud even during long gaming sessions, At least under normal circumstances.

However, some PS5 consoles were pushed to their limits at an esports event last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Kotaku, several participants in the Evo 2023 tournament, dedicated to fighting games such as Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat, They complained that the overheating of the PlayStation 5 consoles caused damage to their equipment.


While Sony’s own console would have been relatively easy to replace, The special USB controllers that professional gamers use became victims of this overloaded PS5.

For example, a competitor describes a rather odd situation in which he says that his “The opponent politely removed my cable and came out with the PS5 USB receiver.”which he only realized when trying to plug in his PlayStation 5 controller for the next game.

Apparently only the PS5’s overheated rear USB ports are affected by this issue, which makes sense given their proximity to the Sony gaming console’s fan outlet.

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