Home Entertainment Amrapali Dubey looks like a carbon copy of Bhumi Pednekar on weight...

Amrapali Dubey looks like a carbon copy of Bhumi Pednekar on weight gain

Amrapali Dubey looks like a carbon copy of Bhumi Pednekar on weight gain

The beautiful actress Amrapali Dubey (Aamrapali Dubey), who has won the iron of best performance in the world of Bhojpuri, is not up for any introduction today. Amrapali Dubey has been ruling the Bhojpuri industry for years. When this small screen heroine came to life on the movie screen, fans of hers couldn’t stop looking at her. Amrapali Dubey made her feature film debut in 2014 with Nirahua. A few years ago, it was seen that Amrapali Dubey’s weight had increased a lot. Due to that, she also had to face a lot of trolls on social media, but while she gave a proper response to all these trolls, she Amrapali Dubey stopped talking about trolls by reducing the weight of her.

These days, some old photos of Amrapali Dubey, in which she appears to be a copy of Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar, are going more and more viral on social media. You must remember Bhumi Pednekar’s debut film ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, in which she rocked everyone with the excellent acting of her and the amazing transformation of her. Amrapali Dubey and Bhumi Pednekar’s looks exactly match the weight gain. Of course, the weight of these two may have increased at some point, but despite that, these actresses have spread a lot of magic on the movie screen.

Amrapali Dubey and Bhumi Pednekar have created a stir on social media these days with their beautiful images. Both are seen causing havoc on social media in their alternate avatars. While sharing beautiful images, these two beauties raise the temperature of social networks. You see a tremendous fan following of these two beauties all over the internet. Bhumi Pednekar is often seen drawing everyone’s attention to her with the attractiveness of her. So, Amrapali is also not behind anyone in this race. Both beauties were also given the title of National Crush at one point.

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