Home Business Amazon launches a tool to help sellers with financial management

Amazon launches a tool to help sellers with financial management

Amazon launches a tool to help sellers with financial management

Amazon has announced the launch of ‘Account Health Rating (AHR)’a new tool that will offer companies that sell in the store of Amazon a increased visibility and knowledge of your business. Specifically, as the company has reported, it is a metric that allows business partners to know the general status of their account at all times and when it may be at risk. “These indicators allow you to better anticipate potential problems, thus ensuring that the account status is adequate so that they can focus their energy on selling their products and growing their business”have explained since Amazon.

We continue to invest in tools, services and supports powerful tools that enable our community of sales partners to build successful businesses selling in our store. We are constantly talking with sellers to continue to improve the selling experience in the Amazon store. This includes helping our sales partners comply with our policies and ensure an excellent customer experiencethe company has assured.

The tool has been available since last August for sellers in Amazon stores in the United States and Canada; and as of next February, as Amazon has announced, it will be available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

The new tool respond to comments that Amazon has received from the companies that sell in the store. First, instead of receiving a list of Amazon policy violations that could lead to account suspension, business partners will now be able to know the exact status of their account, and the new indicator will be the determining factor for account suspension based on accumulated violations. Also, also will be able to see the severity level of each infractionthus allowing to prioritize the most important ones.

Lastly, business partners have also asked for more support related to their account status. Therefore, from now on can get in direct contact with the Amazon expert team dedicated to the statement of accounts on how to get your account back on track. “We’re excited to enable sellers to better understand where exactly their account status is, better prioritize potential issues, and ensure their account status remains healthy so sellers can focus their energy on selling amazing products and making grow their businesses. This is one of many new offers we are rolling out to improve the overall seller experience.”has stressed the company.

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