Home Business AI could kill humans within 2 years, experts say

AI could kill humans within 2 years, experts say

AI could kill humans within 2 years, experts say

The necessary concerns about artificial intelligence (AI), or artificial intelligence, have already been expressed recently. But this recent statement by a British team that researches AI takes the cake. Based on their projections, AI would be able to kill humans within two years. This was constituted from an interview with British media.

Experts are very concerned

The special team investigating AI has given urgent advice to the British Prime Minister. If humanity does not get the development of AI under control within two years, this may have very serious consequences. According to Matt Clifford, head of the research team, AI is becoming more powerful and faster.

“We have two years to develop a framework that will allow controlling and regulating these (AI) models.”

Clifford said in the interview. Within two years, AI will be so powerful that we as humanity will run “several scary risks”. The interview comes in response to an open letter signed last week by 350 prominent AI experts. The statement in the open letter reads as follows:

“Reducing the risk of AI extinction should be a global priority, along with other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

The letter was signed by, among others, ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman, Bill Gates and Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Google DeepMind. According to him, the consequences of the development of AI are potentially very deadly.

AI deadly?

Yes, you read that right. Although it is very difficult to imagine, experts share this opinion. According to the research team’s projections, the risks of AI are “highly dangerous, and could potentially kill many people within two years.” According to Clifford, something needs to change very quickly. The focus should currently be on understanding AI.

“The people who build the best AI systems admit they don’t understand why AI behaves the way it does.”

With the rise of AI, humanity is entering unexplored territory. This terrain, if we are to believe the experts, can be compared to deadly quicksand. If we do not get the development of AI under control very soon, we could face a very difficult future.

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