After PSG, pays Los Angeles for $ 700M! continues its aggressive sponsorship strategy, one of the most effective weapons to introduce cryptocurrencies to neophytes. And in particular their platform, After sponsoring many football teams in Europe, including the PSG, the exchange platform for cryptocurrency made the headlines again. She offered herself the name of the largest stadium in Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States.

  • buys the LA Lakers Stadium, which becomes the Arena
  • Giant sponsorships become the hallmark of the exchange
  • The price of CRO took advantage of this announcement with a 27% increase will soon be the number 1 exchange

The Los Angeles stadium is home to many well-known teams, such as the LA Lakers, but also a major cultural and sports center. Previously known as Staples Center, it is now called Arena.


A change that is far from trivial. Traditionally, only the largest groups on the planet could afford the luxury of such advertising. It seems that has grasped the scope and power of such a symbol. Long engaged in sports sponsorship activity, the 9th exchange platform in the world is not at its first attempt. But it is undoubtedly his stroke of brilliance.

This powerful marketing stunt is part of a unique lineage in the crypto arena. Unlike other platforms that focus their efforts on customer service or project development blockchain. Like KuCoin which has just released 100 million dollars to finance the metaverse projects.

But that is obviously not’s strategy. On the contrary, this platform rather tries to address the unconverted public. And to appear as much as possible, whether on football shirts or on the front of stadiums. The amount of this partnership is also a record, as the name change of the stadium in Los Angeles amounted to 700 million dollars. That is 7 times the amount invested by KuCoin in its Venture Capital Investment Fund project.

For it is therefore a mission of evangelization and democratization which is the absolute priority. And which consumes astronomical sums. The exchange had already managed to poach the famous actor Matt Damon to become the face of the brand. Now they also have the LA Lakers and the famous LeBron James.

We are extremely proud to announce that Staples Center, Los Angeles’ most iconic stadium, will be given a new name: Arena

As part of this 20-year partnership, we are also delighted to welcome @Lakers & @LAKings as new partners!

These partnerships are also in addition to other powerful marketing actions. Such as the sponsorship of Formula 1 races and the Lega Serie A, equivalent to Ligue 1 in Italy.

Cryptos assert themselves, between sponsorship and mass advertising

Obviously, the cryptos are taking precedence over the classical world. The part of the population that knows nothing about it must be wondering what is going on. When France 2’s questionable reports explain that Bitcoin is used to finance terrorism, it’s hard to understand why a company called displays its name on the jerseys of the world’s most respected players.

This is undoubtedly a good thing. One would tend to prefer the way in which KuCoin spends its money, to use this parallel. But democratization, through strong symbols that speak to a wide audience, is a necessary step.

In the same vein, massive poster campaigns have taken place in the United Kingdom. But that’s another mentality, and another goal. Posters, which have also been seen in Barcelona, ​​Spain, directly promote tokens. And not the best. We can see the Dogelon Mars logo displayed in large on the most touristic places of these countries. Dogelon Mars which is, as we recall, a cryptocurrency to say the least doubtful. The latter is riding the hype around mèmecoins. Without even bothering to come up with more than a funny name and a mix of the most popular memes at the moment.

Posting campaigns so intense that the British government took action to ban the promotion of cryptocurrency through public displays.

The CRO Prize benefits from this marketing

However nothing to do with It is above all a trading platform. And the tokens listed on this platform are supposed to have passed a certain number of tests and audits. This makes it possible to validate their authenticity and legitimacy. These are not the first tokens came, built overnight on the Binance blockchain.

But also has a corner. The CRO. And the latter particularly benefited from the gargantuan announcement of the name change of the Arena stadium.

In the wake of this announcement, the price took off to return to the area of ​​its ATH at the beginning of the month. Already caught in a particularly bullish movement, the coin is right now in the negotiation of the level of 50 cents of dollars. Beyond that, history will be written. And the next psychological level, in general, is the 1 dollars. So if you have CRO in stock, place alerts! Because the movement could be violent.

So has once again made history. After recruiting Matt Damon and paying for the biggest soccer teams in Europe, the crypto exchange stormed the United States. And he strikes a big blow with the Staples Center which becomes the Arena. This platform’s aggressive marketing strategy is unique, and it works. Rivals like Binance and Coinbase should be wary of these new exchanges, like FTX and, which arrive with the speed of a cannonball!

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