Home Sports Aaron Rodgers modifies his contract with the New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers modifies his contract with the New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers modifies his contract with the New York Jets

The New Yorks jets they acquired Aaron Rodgers in a trade with the Green Bay Packers and the quarterback made it clear that He does not expect to spend a single year in the ‘Big Apple’, so he extended his contract.

According to the report of nfl network, Rodgers agreed to a new two-year, $75 million guaranteed contract. With that, the Jets will be able to have about $9 million more salary cap space.

With the new deal, Rodgers will lose 35 million dollars since in his previous contract with the Green Bay Packers he had 110 million guaranteed between 2023 and 2024.

In addition, nfl network reported that Rodgers’ deal is essentially a five-year contract with two optional years to extend the signing bonus and help the team’s finances.

The four-time NFL MVP will receive a base salary of $1.83 million in 2023, but the change will be brutal for 2024. Rodgers is scheduled to make a base salary of $38.1 million next season. Furthermore, according to ESPN, the 40-year-old veteran will receive a $35 million four-day signing bonus.

Rodgers played 230 games with the Packers and he had 59,055 yards with 475 touchdowns and 105 interceptions. In addition, he achieved a record of 147 wins, 75 losses and one draw. In addition to this, he won Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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Aaron Rodgers communicated with Jordan Love

Jordan Love is the new starting quarterback for Green Bay after Rodgers’ departure to New York and after the Packers’ first practice he declared that the veteran QB talked to him and told him not to try to be anyone other than himself.

Love was drafted by the Packers in the first round of the 2020 Draft. and spent three years as Rodgers’ backup and only played occasionally.

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