Lionel Messi’s two challenges at PSG

The signing of Lionel Messi PSG is real, despite the fact that many of us doubted seeing the Argentine in another club that was not FC Barcelona, ​​but the reality is that now he has become one of the stars of a project that has a single objective and that has made a millionaire investment to achieve it. And his arrival is the final all-in to fulfill his dream.

Messi signed a contract for the next two years, where he will try to maintain his stellar level to be a master card and give the push that a team that comes from losing Ligue 1 last season needs. They needed a change and they have.

The ball is round, but there is no doubt that PSG is the best team in the world in terms of players and that they are the main favorite to win the UEFA Champions League this season, although their rivals will not make it easy for them. Messi has two challenges with his arrival in Paris and they are the following:

Lionel Messi’s two challenges at PSG

-Win the Champions League: Messi has not won the Orejona since 2015, but there is no doubt that he is the player closest to PSG to do so at the moment. The Argentine has the mystique necessary to lead a club that still does not know what it is to reach glory in Europe, and that lack of experience has caused him many problems.

-Stay at the highest level for the Qatar World Cup 2022: it will have a new context. Playing for PSG is not the same as playing for Barcelona, ​​so you will have to stay at your highest level and not decline, which can be normal after so many years living in one place. Messi is the best and there is no doubt that he will be the star of Ligue 1 and now, unlike previous years, he has a project to win it all every year. Leo’s intention is to arrive in Qatar with one more Orejona on his record. He wants to lead Argentina to win the World Cup and his arrival in Paris will make it easier for him to arrive at his best, both physically and sportingly.

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