80% of major investors see crypto overtaking traditional investments

According to a new survey from Bitstamp, a major cryptocurrency exchange, as many as 80% of institutional investors are very bullish on the future of cryptocurrency. They believe that crypto will overtake traditional investment products within 10 years.

From the Bitstamp Crypto Pulse research shows that 54% of private investors share this view. They too think crypto will overtake traditional finance products. It is therefore striking that institutional investors have more confidence in crypto than private investors.

Bitstamp surveyed as many as 5,500 institutional investors and 23,000 private investors across 23 countries. The research is not yet fully published, but Bitstamp released some early figures.

The survey shows that 70.4% of institutional investors trust crypto versus 66.9% of private investors. This is a remarkable development and a few years ago this confidence was not nearly as high among institutional investors. However, the research does not provide an explanation for this so far.

Crypto mainstream within 10 years

Furthermore, it appears that 82.4% of institutional investors think that crypto like bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) will become mainstream within 10 years, while that is 75.8% for retail investors.

Among institutional investors, 62.8% say they trade or invest in crypto more than twice a week. In addition, 54.3% indicate that they have invested more than 30% of their portfolio in crypto. However, we have no comparison for this with private investors.

Among retail investors, 53.8% say they would use crypto to buy stuff online and 45.5% think crypto is still new and will grow in the next five years. No comparison is given for these figures either. For the rest of the numbers, we’ll have to wait for the full report. Bitstamp US CEO Bobby Zagotta says:

“The survey results show that crypto is a long game and we need to build for the next 50 to 100 million customers. The industry must enable the infrastructure to support the next wave of investors.”

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