8 movies were released on Eid

New movies appear in front of the audience every Eid to increase the joy of Eid. Eight movies are being released across the country this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Shakib Khan, Bubli, Apu Biswas, Bappi Chowdhury, Anant Jalil, Varsha, Roshan, Bobby, Sajal, Pooja Cheri, Adar Azad, Zahra Mitu, Misha Saudagar, Yash Rohan and Jannatul Ferdous Oishil will be in the theaters for audiences from Cineplex to remote villages. , stars like Joy Chowdhury.

It is reported that ‘Leader: Aamii Bangladesh’, ‘Kill Him’, ‘Prem Preeti Bandhan’, ‘Adam’, ‘Shatru’, ‘Local’, ‘Sin’ and ‘Jin’ are being released in 200 cinema halls and auditoriums.

A few days ago, the number of movie theaters in the country was 60! It is known that more than one and a half hundred more halls have been unlocked this Eid based on the sources of the movies.

Now Shakib’s only movie ‘Leader: Amii Bangladesh’ is releasing in 100 cinema halls. Local movies starring Bubli and Adar released in 13 cinema halls; Bappi’s enemy is being released on 27th. Kill Him in 10 theaters, ‘Jin’ movie released in 9 theaters.

In single screens, if ‘Paap’ is playing in one show, ‘Jin’ will be playing in the next. ‘Jin’ is directed by Nader Chowdhury. Starring Pooja Cheri, Sajal and Roshan. On the other hand, Paap directed by Saikat Nasir stars Bobby, Roshan and newcomer Zakia Maha.

Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury starrer ‘Prem Preeti Bandhan’ got 9 halls including two auditoriums. Directed by Solaiman Ali Lebu, the movie also stars Misha Saudagar, Aman Reza, Tahmina Mou, LR Khan Shimanda, Haroon Kissinger, Hyder Ali, Jadu Azad and others.

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It is not known how many theaters the movie in question has been released. Directed by Abu Tawheed Hiran, the movie stars Yash Rohan and Jannatul Ferdous Oishi. It also starred Allen Shubhra, Affan Mitul and others.

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