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4 advantages of betting on Tap to Pay

4 advantages of betting on Tap to Pay

Paying by card has become a habit. More and more users have abandoned cash to switch to digital payments. This explains why in Spain there are 2.36 million point-of-sale terminals (POS), which reflects an increase of 8% in the last year and 2% more than in the second quarter of 2022, according to the data available from the Bank of Spain, corresponding to the third quarter of the previous year. Dataphones are the order of the day in businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels and small businesses.

In fact, these devices recorded close to 5.4 billion operations during the first three quarters of 2022, which yields a devastating average when compared to the statistics for all of 2021: 6,101 in total. However, on the market there is a payment alternative specially designed so that small businesses and the self-employed can make payments from their own mobile devices, without having to carry the POS.

tap to pay It is especially practical for freelancers or small companies that offer their services at home, or travel on a daily basis and do not want to carry an additional device everywhere. That way they can receive payments for their card services easily and comfortably. It is an ideal alternative for taxis, home repair services, delivery men or for traditional shops and restaurants.

To better understand this technology, PaynoPaina Spanish technology company specializing in the development of online payment tools, explains the four advantages of integrating tap to pay in the daily life of small businesses and the self-employed:

  • Minimize expenses: By eliminating the need to hire a POS, costs for businesses are reduced. Businesses only have to have a tablet or smartphone to turn it into a mobile POS. The investment is limited to configuring the application to turn the device into a card reader.
  • Greater comfort: For a professional who offers services at home, such as a plumber or a locksmith, Tap to Pay is a much more comfortable alternative, since they do not have to carry a dataphone everywhere and do not have to deal with dataphone problems such as the coverage or printing of tickets. On the other hand, customers can complete the payment either with their mobile phone or with their card.
  • Increase payment options: offering several payment methods will allow small businesses to stay a few steps ahead of their competition. Comfort and flexibility are key. In fact, 77% of customers value positively that businesses expand the range of options, according to the survey “New habits in payment methods in Spainby PaynoPain.
  • Security– Encrypted codes in mobile payment applications are designed to ensure the confidentiality of customers’ personal data, so their card number is not stored on personal devices or mobile payment software.

The future of small businesses and the self-employed will largely depend on offering an optimal shopping experience to users, who prioritize convenience and security when making a payment. It seems that we have gotten used to data phones and that there is no world beyond, but in reality there are truly interesting options such as Tap to Pay”, he maintains Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

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