20 female students burnt to death due to fire in girls hostel

George Town: A terrible fire incident has taken place in a girls’ hostel in the South American country of Guyana, in which 20 female students were burnt to death.

This terrible accident happened in the hostel building of Mehdia Secondary School last night, the fire was so intense that the students did not get a chance to leave the building.

International news agency According to the report The fire engulfed the entire building. Residents of the area tried to save the girls who were screaming out of fear in the rooms, but could not enter due to the iron bars of the windows.

There has been a terrible incident of fire in the girls' hostel in the country of South America, in which 20 female students were burnt to death.

According to the report, the cause of the fire is not yet known, however, eyewitnesses say that due to the rain, there was a power outage at that time. It is believed that the fire started due to a short circuit.

Despite the suspension of transport due to heavy rains and bad weather, the officials of the rescue organization are continuing the relief operations. 5 planes are also taking part in the rescue work and seriously injured people are being shifted to hospitals. The concerned authorities have formed an inquiry committee to investigate the incident.

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