Zurich Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid, first marathon with AENOR carbon footprint certification

Zurich Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Madrid, the 45th edition of the Marathon of the Spanish capital, will officially certify, and for the first time internationally, its carbon footprint with AENOR in accordance with the international standard ISO 14064, with a scope that covers the entire life cycle necessary for the realization of an international sporting event of this dimension. With three distances, Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 healthy kilometers, 35,000 runners from all over the world will participate, which reflects the magnitude of the measures that the organization will address.

Sustainability is a strategic line that MAPOMA has been working on for years and which now culminates with the calculation and verification of AENOR’s carbon footprint. The project has the participation of Global Omnium, who will make available the necessary technology to make it possible through its GO2 platform. In this line, Zurich Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Madrid will incorporate fifteen measures in favor of the sustainability of the event that will be held on April 23, and will conclude with the certification of the carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint is an instrument to determine, evaluate and communicate the impact of an activity on climate change. AENOR, the leading certification entity in Spain, will verify this carbon footprint. In this way, it will independently ensure that the statement made on greenhouse gas emissions is complete. This is accurate, coherent, transparent and without notable discrepancies.

For its part, Global Omnium, the leading national company in the management of the integral water cycle, will measure all the emissions generated, directly and indirectly, for the three competitions of the Zurich Rock ´n´ Roll Running Series Madrid.

AENOR and Global Omnium have already collaborated in other relevant sporting events, including the 69th Barcelona Banc Open Sabadell Conde de Godó Trophy in tennis, the 40th Copa del Rey Mapfre de Vela, and the BBVA Open Internacional Valencia for women’s tennis.

sustainable measures

The Zurich Rock ´n´ Roll Running Series Madrid has incorporated several measures in favor of the sustainability of the event: elimination of moisturizing sponges in the races, digitization of paper elements (routes, regulations, final instructions, etc.), replacement of the plastic for recyclable materials in aid bags, replacement of PET cups with ecological cups, inclusion of bikes and skaters as assistance vehicles in the race, use of electric vehicles in the race, promotion of the use of public transport among the participants, awareness campaign for an event with a good atmosphere together with Coca Cola, waste collection and recycling campaign together with the Madrid City Council and Ecoembes, training and provision of Eco Volunteers in all aid stations, use of 100% recycled fabric to manufacture the Adidas T-shirts for the participants, donation of surplus supplies to NGOs , recycling of advertising and informative banners, installation of Giant Advertising Canvas Zurich that absorbs CO2 (equivalent to 200 cars for a year), and will conclude with the measurement and certification of the carbon footprint by AENOR.

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