Zoom with new features and real-time translation

At its annual Zoomtopia conference, the collaboration platform company unveiled several new features for Zoom video conferencing. New features include real-time translation and transcription, new whiteboard functionality, and integration with Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms.

Regarding transcription, the company says it plans to provide real-time transcription in up to 30 languages ​​by the end of next year. Translation services will also offer up to 12 languages ​​by the end of 2022. For now, the company has not said which languages ​​it will be able to make available, or a specific date for this to happen.

More functions on the board

whiteboard zoom

The whiteboard of the video conferencing platform also received improvements. Until the end of this year, Zoom plans to release a beta version that allows users to add notes, drawings and comments to their whiteboards whenever they want, that is, during the meeting online or offline. In other words, the whiteboards created during online meetings will also be available in offline mode.

The Facebook Zoom Meetings and Horizon Workrooms integration is scheduled for the first half of next year and will allow users to better collaborate in virtual reality.

This is possible by creating a whiteboard in the Zoom Whiteboard panel and using the Oculus remote control to write on a desk or physical walls or change tools on that whiteboard.

Other features of the new update

But the company didn’t stop there and announced more news. Starting this month, multiple meeting participants can control the slides that are displayed, using a setup similar to a remote control.

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In the coming months, the Huddle visualization is also planned, which allows the visual representation of a channel. This gives “teams a sense of togetherness as they chat and collaborate,” Zoom advances on his blog.

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