Zoom introduces the Zoom AI Companion, at no additional cost to paid Zoom accounts

Zoom Video Communications announced this Zoom AI Companion (formerly known as Zoom IQ), the company’s generative digital AI assistant, is now included in paid services with your Zoom user accounts at no additional cost.

Since the launch of Generative AI in June, thousands of companies have experienced the benefits of Generative AI free trials Compose team chat And meeting summary by Zoom.

Now, Zoom is taking its commitment to AI a step further with the launch of the AI ​​Companion, significantly expanding its offerings across the platform. Zoom’s federated AI approach ensures high-quality results and efficiency through dynamic integration of proprietary language models Third party models like Meta Llama 2, OpenAI and Anthropic.

Zoom AI Companion provides real-time digital assistant capabilities to increase productivity and collaboration across all areas of the Zoom platform, including Meetings, team chat, phone, email and whiteboard. Additionally, additional features are being developed to further enrich the user experience.


Zoom always values ​​the privacy of its customers

The company strives to invest in AI-powered innovations to improve user experience while maintaining trust, security, and privacy. Zoom has ensured that it does not use customer audio, video, chat, screen sharing, or attachments to train its or third-party AI models.

Additionally, AI Companion is disabled by default and account owners and admins have control over enabling or disabling these features to ensure customers can use AI Companion with confidence and security.


Zoom AI Companion Features

Zoom’s AI Companion aims to increase collaboration and productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and distractions.

Among other things, AI Companion is changing modern work:

  • Zoom Meetings: allows users to access smart summaries and chapters to quickly review meeting recordings and get an automated meeting summary for sharing. You can also unobtrusively send AI-generated questions during meetings to get answers without interrupting the conversation.
  • Zoom Team Chat: makes it easier to compose messages based on the context of a chat thread and allows long chat threads to be summarized using AI. In the future, users will be able to auto-complete chat phrases and schedule meetings directly from a chat.
  • Zoom whiteboard: Zoom Whiteboard users get help from the AI ​​Companion in generating and categorizing ideas, and can use their whiteboard content to generate images and fill in whiteboard templates.
  • Zoom Mail and Zoom Phone– Zoom Mail users can get email draft suggestions, add meeting summaries to Zoom Notes, and summarize SMS threads and calls with Zoom Phone.

In Spring 2024, users will be able to interact with AI Companion through a conversational interface that understands the context of questions and helps users access information more efficiently, including initiating actions on their behalf.

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