Zimbabwe’s opposition has denounced electoral fraud after the president’s re-election

The main opposition party of Zimbabwethe Coalition of Citizens for Change (CCC), today denounced voter fraud after last night announcing the results of the presidential election that gave the party victory President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The CCC warned in a statement that the results announced by the Mnangagwa won with 52.6% and second place went to opposition coalition candidate Nelson ChamisaWith 44% of the votes, he disagreed with the counting of the party.

“The questionable actions of some ZANU-PF officials (lruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front)who seem to have known the results in advance further damage the credibility and transparency of these elections,” he added.

The CCC condemned this constant intimidation of their parents Noting that some were “removed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) with intent to alter the election results,” they announced they had launched a citizen review of the vote count.

The Zimbabwe’s general elections began on August 23but the country’s president extended voting by one more day in some constituencies where the opening of polling stations was delayed.

In the elections, the voters voted to elect a new president and members of parliamentin an election in which the ruling ZANU-PF won a majority of parliamentary seats.

According to the preliminary conclusions of the observation mission sent by the European Union (EU), despite the “Generally calm atmosphere” On election day, “the process of candidate registration and campaigning created a context that prevented voters from making a free and informed choice” in those elections.

For its part, the joint mission sent by the African Union (AU) and the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (Comesa) described the elections as “transparent”. regretted that for various reasons they had not complied with the “requirements” of the Constitutionsuch as the failure of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to provide the opposition with the voter list in a timely manner.

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Concerned about energy shortages and the associated high cost of living, Zimbabweans went to the polls severe inflationary crisis; The local currency, the Zimbabwean dollar, lost 86% of its value between January and June.

human rights organizations such as Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW), They denounce the increasing persecution of dissidents in the country ahead of the elections, as well as the politically motivated persecution of opposition leaders.

The UN worried

He UN Secretary-General António Guterres This Sunday he said he was concerned about the Zimbabwe election and in particular “the arrests of observers, the intimidation of voters and the threats of violence, harassment and coercion”.

In a statement released tonight, Guterres called on Zimbabwe’s political leaders and their supporters to refrain from all forms of violence or incitement to violence and called for respect for the rule of law and human rights.

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