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Zettle by PayPal launches in Spain the “Tap to pay” solution that allows accepting contactless payments without additional hardware

Zettle by PayPal launches in Spain the "Tap to pay" solution that allows accepting contactless payments without additional hardware

PayPal has announced the release of its solution Tap-to-Pay for small businesses in Spain. This new solution, which begins to be implemented today in our country, allows micro and small companies accept contactless payments in person, directly on your Android mobile deviceswithout the need for additional hardware and without added costs.

This solution comes at a time when more and more consumers prefer to use contactless and alternative digital payment methods: according to surveys commissioned by PayPal, half of Spanish consumers prefer to pay using mobile devices(1) and 42% say they do not feel comfortable touching a keyboard or entering a PIN since the pandemic(2).

For that reason, entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for solutions that help them adapt and satisfy customer preferences, wherever they are. With PayPal’s Zettle Tap to Pay solution(3), millions of small business PayPal customers in Spain can accept contactless payments with physical cards and digital wallets (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay) on smartphones and smartwatches, directly with their Android mobile device.

The solution too includes the possibility to capture the PIN directly on the device. By using NFC technology, the Tap to Pay solution turns smartphones and tablets into payment terminals. Card data is securely captured through a contactless ‘touch’ on the back of the device and through direct communication with card payment processing systems. The solution works on Android 8.0 devices that support NFC.

To start accepting payments, businesses must download the ZettleGo app on your Android device. Once they’ve signed up for Zettle by PayPal, they’re ready to accept payments. To accept a payment, merchants can enter a specific quantity or select an item from their product catalog, and then select “Charge” and finally “Tap to Pay” as the payment method. To make a payment, customers tap their card, smartphone, or smartwatch linked to a digital wallet to the back of the merchant’s Android device. Once the payment is approved, the company can print the receipt, send it by email or send it by text message to the customer. The fee for accepting contactless payments through Tap to Pay is the same as the normal fee for card transactions, without any additional charges.

«Entrepreneurial activity in Spain has increased, reaching a rate of 5.5% of the population in 2021. The percentage of people who aspire to become entrepreneurs in the next three years has also grown, approaching 10% of the population . At the same time, the world is rapidly digitizing, and consumers increasingly want to be able to make hassle-free digital payments, whether online or in person.“, Explain Beatriz Giménez, Director of PayPal Iberia. «For this reason, we are delighted to launch our Tap to Pay solution in the Spanish market. We believe in the power of small businesses and we want to help them succeed. With Tap to Pay, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily start selling in person—whether at a pop-up store, market, brick-and-mortar store, or anywhere else—without the need for additional hardware or added costs.».

The Tap to Pay solution is already rolling out in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, and Spain, and PayPal plans to roll it out to other markets in the near future. other markets in the near future.

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