The Russians have an ace up their sleeve in the fight to keep the international’s services with Iran

The interest that Sevilla has in the Iranian is already recognized Sardar azmoun, one of the jewels that this season has given something to talk about in the Saint Petersburg Zenith. Long-winded forward, who plays folded in his zone and has no problems in throwing himself to the sides in order to give amplitude to the game in its different facets.

Your contract ends in summer 2022, so it has become a top priority. Therefore the decisions have not been made wait and have fallen hand in hand with the idea of sports manager in Russia. The idea is to fight the issue, trying to extend the contract to round the figures and avoid losing money in the operation.

Sevilla forward
Azmoun, a top signing at zero cost that Sevilla wants

It will be difficult for Sevilla anyway to access the signing of Azmoun with that announcement

The theory is very simple to understand, Azmoun has a market value established at 25 million euros, so not insuring it means a significant gap. In fact, just taking it out in winter represents having offers above 12 kilos, or simply having to wait until June, which is a much more sensible time in this regard.

But the move is fair, so they seek to extend the link, making the player stay and they can openly negotiate for the prices they consider. With this they do not close the door of their signing, they only row on the same side but clearly assert their interests and those of the player.

Monchi has a lot to think about it

Now, defining what is going to happen or not is only for the seasoned. Monchi is the owner of the decisions in the Seville club and everything indicates that he is analyzing this case too much. And it is because there is a third party involved, who could be a real stone in the shoe. It is Olympique de Lyon, which has offered him a relevant salary and the possibility of immediately appearing in their ranks.

A good way to start climbing, much more so now that it comes from scoring no less than 8 goals and delivering 4 assists in 147 games this season. For now there is secrecy, no one dares to advance anything and in the meantime the expectation grows.


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