Zendaya donates thousands of dollars to the theater where she started acting

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In retaliation, Zendaya donated thousands of dollars to the California theater where her love of acting began and which has suffered from the ravages of the pandemic and inflation.

Zendaya No wonder she is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed actresses today. Whether with characters like Rue Bennett, in the series “Euphoria”or as Chani, the warrior from “Dune”Zendaya has proven that she can bring life to any role given to her.

But still Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman She is currently a global star (in addition to acting, also as a model, dancer and singer) and does not seem to forget her origins. Actually, He barely came to the theater where he began his career as an actor.

Tipaza: Zendaya donates thousands of dollars to the theater where she started acting
Zendaya donated thousands of dollars to the Cal Shakes Theater. Photo: Getty Images

Years ago, Zendaya donated several thousand dollars to the theater where she studied

It’s about California Shakespeare Theater (known as “Cal Shakes”) which announced this on February 21st Zendaya donated the amount of $100,000 for the place that has been suffering from the devastating consequences of inflation for several years.

“We are deeply grateful to Zendaya and WDN for their partnership and their generous $100,000 grant to the North Star Fund.” said Clive Worsley, CEO of Cal Shakes through a statement posted on the theater’s website.

The actress made the donation through a foundation. Photo: Cal Shakes (Facebook)

The theater has struggled with financial problems in recent years

“This gift will help ensure Cal Shakes remains strong as we prepare for our 50th anniversary season.”the complex announced as it announced that the money donated by Zendaya will go toward improving the theater’s audio and lighting, the cafeteria, and even funding the theater’s next production, “As You Like It.”

The money for Cal Shakes was greatwhich only announced this in 2023 due to low ticket sales and donationswould close its curtain for a while to improve its finances and be able to carry out at least one season and other artistic projects for 2024.

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Tipaza: Zendaya donates thousands of dollars to the theater where she started acting
In addition to the theater, the place also organizes other artistic and charitable activities. Photo: Cal Shakes

Well, people are going to the theater less and less.

“The subscription model is dying and there are no state and federal arts subsidies to fill the gap.” Worsley told a local media outlet called Berkeleyside, where the theater director pointed out that audience numbers were down and inflation wasn’t alleviating the problem.

But okay, back to the topic of Zendaya: The actress wanted to give the respective theater back a little of what it had given her. And there he began to study acting thanks to his mother, who worked there for a while.

Tipaza: Zendaya donates thousands of dollars to the theater where she started acting
Zendaya’s mother also worked in the theater years ago. Photo: Getty Images

Zendaya got her start in acting thanks to Cal Shakes (and her mother).

In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle reports on it As a child, Zendaya accompanied her mother to work. It was then that he fell in love with the world of acting. and after years of working in television series and films, Zendaya is now a famous actress.

One of her theater teachers, Trish Tillman, mentioned that studying at Cal Shakes helped Zendaya to “how to do the work, how to go deeper into the text, how to understand the people around you, how to exploit their natural tendencies and qualities.”

The third season of “Euphoria” will premiere by 2025
Zendaya in “Euphoria”/Photo: HBO

And it is precisely these qualities that have helped Zendaya gain widespread recognition. For example in 2020 Her portrayal of drug-addicted teenager Rue earned her the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series.the youngest in the history of the winners.

There is no doubt that Zendaya is not only talented but also a great person who can lend a hand to the place where her career began and hopefully it will be the place where someone else can begin their path to fame. What a cool vibe!

Tipaza: Zendaya donates thousands of dollars to the theater where she started acting
Photo: Getty Images

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